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If your company works in the car, caravaning/RV business and wishes to expand its product range and portfolio and use it, we can make it easy for you. 
Clean Car is a world class manufacturing operation that offers consumers an exciting and diverse product and brand mix.
If you believe you could successfully represent and market our products in your area, we invite you to join our distributors’ network. To form part of the official Clean Car network of distributors, fill in the contact form and we will get back to you with the way forward.
Why choose Clean Car?
98% Biodegradable – Made in France – Multi-Purpose
More information within your reach:
Through our website, official Clean Car distributors will have exclusive access to order products, printable advertising elements, company profile presentations, price lists, etc.
All our official Clean Car distributors are up on our website, boosting their advantages and differentiation from local competitors.
Add power! Improve sales!
Join the Clean Car experience by becoming an official wholesale/retail distributor.

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