Clean your Car, Caravan & RV in
4 Easy Steps

1/4- Dilute in water

Exterior application: 3% to 15% dilution of product in water.

Interior application: 3% to 5% dilution of product in water.

Engine application: 10% to 25% dilution.


For more informations, download our detailed User Guide.

2/4- Apply on surface

Apply on a dry surface from bottom to top and let it rest around 30 seconds.

Multipurpose cleaner, stain remover and degreaser that cleans all the surfaces of your Caravan/RV. It can be applied and mixed in a bucket, a spray, etc.

Cleans: Nasturtium, body, stainless steel, aluminum seals, chest, engine, wheels, awning, wooden deck, tarpaulins and outdoor furnitures.

For interior: Textile, linoleum, carpet, carpet, Leatherette, leather and imitations, dashboard, shower, bathroom, WC, gel coat, oven, microwave, refrigerator, hood, windows, PVC, chrome, unvarnished wood, food equipment etc..

3/4- Wipe/Scrub

Wipe the surface and scrub with a sponge, a cloth, a broom.. if needed.

4/4- Rinse thoroughly

Rinse the cleaned surface well with water.

It has the particularity to efficiently remove the static film from all the surfaces and leaves on a protective, waterproofing coat that fights outside factors (pollution, salt, etc.).

It respects the environment thanks to its 98% biodegradability and doesn’t leave any marks.

User Guide

Clean Caravaning User Guide

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